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    date: 28 | 06 | 2009
    time: 9:22 am

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    Address/Office: RichTown2, Dela Paz Norte, City of San Fernando Pampanga/ DPWH, Region 3, Sindalan, San Fernando, Pampanga
    Postion: Regional Equipment Engineer (Region III)
    Crime committed:
    You need to investigate him again on the alleged 370M funds on their department. This man is spending the money now, some were named to him and some arent to keep their crime. There is a basis on this and please investigate it. I do believe in you department, sp do it for us. Everyday this man is spending thousands of money! Read my letter again below
    hi! i want to report corruption. there was an issue before last 2004 regarding the ” ghost deliveries and ghost repairs” made on one of your department. ENGR SEBASTIAN PAGCU JR. (oic regional Regional Equipment Services) was accused of the $370M given by JINA (Japanese company). This was investigated. Nothing happens on this. Maybe the ombudsman assigned was bribed. it was broadcasted also by mr joe taruc, base on the info he was given money to stop accusing and airing him on the radio. this was stopped maybe big amount of money was given. years passed already, 4 yrs i think. but why this person suddenly made a blast to his wealth. built a house worth of millions, buying cars, luxury cars worth of millions, going out spending thousands, treating others spending thousands, donated a gym fully equipped spending thousands, renovated the subdivision gate spending thousands, celebrating birthdays spenidng thousands. there are lots of poor people not eating, there were several government projects not finish bec they lack of funds. and why this person celebrating and not even bothered. if you will do the math, they wont have those things. try to open the case and investigate this should not happen. i will email several times so that you will realize something about this. he may not be as popular as other accused government officials but still big money is behind this. 370M!!!