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With the implosion of the Soviet Union…
… the collapse of Communism and the end of the Cold War in 1989-90, the bipolar international order –established after the end of the Second World War– came to its end. This process signified the expansion of democracy across the globe during the nineties.However, in the beginning of the 21st Century, instead of consolidating the democracies, we seem to be witnessing a backward movement in which non-democratic leaders or non-democratically elected leaders, with non-democratic behaviours, are more and more common.

Safe Democracy
We understand democracy not only as giving citizen the opportunity to elect their governments and to be represented, but in a more comprehensive sense: democracy is a political and social system which grants security, not only from a physical point of view, but economic and social, giving priority to education, health, job opportunities, freedom of speech and diversity, which fearlessly supports innovation, and respects minorities, their cultures and rights.Unfortunately, the return of religious fundamentalism, retrograde and racist visions, typical of the medieval age, is taking place in this new century. This regression is already imposed in all regions across the world and strongly gaining momentum. Nine eleven reinforced US unilateralism, seriously eroding the mainstays of International Law and the UN system imposed in 1945. The Neocons of the US administration have appropriated themselves of the security speech, in the context of the struggle against the terrorism, distorting its real dimension.

Terrorism as a social phenomenon
Furthermore, civil rights are moving backwards in some regions, fundamentally in Latin America, Russia and China. In the March 11, 2005 Conference organized by Safe Democracy Foundation and the Club of Madrid, we tried to focus again on the topic of terrorism as a social phenomenon. Poverty, inequality, lack of education, nuclear proliferation, uncontrolled human migration, drug trafficking, imposition of dictatorships, fanaticisms and lack of political transparency are backward steps in the most important achievements of the post-war period, and the result is the constant erosion of democracies. Facing these increasing threats to the democratic processes, we have created the virtual, electronic Forum for a Safer Democracy, a collaborative blog organized by Safe Democracy.Our blog originates in the conference held on March 11, 2005 and continues as a permanent meeting place for experts to describe, in their own words, the threats jeopardizing democracies today, and to suggest the means for strengthening such democracies.

Innovative ideas and solutions
From Safe Democracy we hope to contribute with innovative ideas and solutions to the debate on the principal events and problems facing international affairs (in Spanish and English languages) with the strong commitment of pursuing a fair, transparent and safer democracy for all.That is the reason we open this interactive website dedicated to publishing articles and analysis of experts from all over the world. Professors, journalists, politicians, diplomats and businessmen are encouraged to write short comments (300-500 words) on topics related to strengthening and fostering democracy.In the same light, we invite readers to participate in the forum of discussion and global analysis.