Obama, McCain, and the empty campaign

The crisis has destroyed the order established for more than 30 years by Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush

Posted by , 6th November 2008

mccain-obama.jpgThe global economy is not the only thing going through a crisis; that also occurred in the Nineties. What is happening now is that an entire model is being questioned. Although the campaign has been drained of content, it is Barack Obama who offers more solutions for the approaching change.


How to make the multipolar world more stable

Wealth and foreign policy after the Wall Street crisis

Posted by , 30th October 2008

obamastress.JPGIn the emerging multipolar world, strong leadership from the United States and other world powers like the EU, China, Russia, India and Brazil will be essential in order to get closer to resolutions for the conflicts in Iraq and Central Asia, and issues like terrorism, nuclear proliferation, environmental deterioration and poverty, the most persistent conflict.


The “New Voters” elect Barack Obama

Will these be the most participatory elections in the history of the United States?

Posted by , 23rd October 2008

obamanuevosvotantes.jpgThe impressive machinery for incorporating new voters set in motion by Barack Obama is unprecedented in the history of American party politics. In this way, the Illinois senator and potential president of the United States has achieved, by virtue of his innovative instinct, the reinsertion into the democratic system of a considerably significant contingent of decitizenized Americans, members of the conglomerate of millions of newly registered voters. Main Street elects Obama by a large majority.


Electoral Engineering and Minorities in the United States

The arduous task of weaving together stable majorities

Posted by , 16th October 2008

minorias.jpgFrequently, the media highlights the determinate role of minorities in the American elections, and provides data to back up its claim. But the issue is much more complex than it appears at first glance: not all Latino, Asian, Black, and Jewish communities vote en bloc. Far from it.


Change in the United States… but what kind of change?

Maintaining the strategy of containment and the leadership that is waiting on us

Posted by , 9th October 2008

obamamccain.jpgThe United States (and a large part of the world) has not been able to offer new mentalities, revitalized methods, nor new ways of approaching the most urgent global problems. The author explains that real change, that Yes we can for the international system as well, will only be possible if Barack Obama wins the presidency of our global village in November.


Religion matters (a lot) in the American campaign

Why Biden complements Obama, and Palin does the same to McCain

Posted by , 18th September 2008

biblia.jpgThe two rival parties in the United States are bracing themselves for a tooth and nail electoral campaign. On the Democratic ticket are an African American who became a Christian as an adult and a progressive Catholic who defends a woman’s right to choose, whereas a non-fervent Episcopalian and a staunch Evangelist can be found on the Republican ticket. Read on to find out who is who in the complex American political-religious scene.


The largest minority counts in the United States

The Hispanic vote, a gold mine for Democrats and Republicans

Posted by , 11th September 2008

hipanoseeuu.jpgThe annual purchasing power of the Hispanic community in the United States exceeds 830 billion dollars, but only 21 out of the 535 congressmen in both houses of Congress are Latino. The economic crisis, education and the failed immigration reform are among the complaints that Hispanics have for the next president. Their vote counts, and the principal candidates cannot avoid this fact: Latinos could define the elections.


The Multipolar World of Barack Obama

Leadership and United States Foreign Policy in the 21st Century

Posted by , 8th July 2008

obamainaipac.jpgBarack Obama faces a particularly troubled world and a different America. Iraq, Iran, the Middle East, Cuba. Climate change, poverty, and energy. The economic crisis, the boredom of the middle class, and health reform. Immigration, NAFTA, and the renegotiation of trade agreements. Diplomacy vs. force. International terrorism. The list of problems and challenges goes on and on. Obama must transform his message of hope (We can change) into an action plan, explaining how he will face these challenges in the new multipolar world of the 21st century.


Hillary Clinton for Vice President?

Convenience should solve the issue for Barack Obama

Posted by , 3rd July 2008

hillary.jpgWill Hillary Clinton join Barack Obama as his vice presidential candidate? The answer, which should be simple, is in fact very complicated and is perhaps the most delicate decision that Obama will have to make before arriving at the White House–that is, if he does indeed win, which today is still far from clear. Convenience should solve the issue.