Will Mindanao ever achieve peace?

How can (and should) the government negotiate with a decentralized terrorist group

Posted by , 9th October 2008

milf.jpgMuslims are the biggest ethnic group in the Philippines, and more than half of the population of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao is poor, and the area is thus a breeding ground for civil unrest. The author wonders whether the government can (and should) negotiate with a decentralized terrorist group like the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, and denounces President Arroyo’s brokering of deals in secrecy. He maintains that the lives of the Muslims must be improved, since economic and social development on Mindanao is necessary to achieve peace.


Nostalgia for Russia

The giant steps out from the shadows in order to defend its damaged pride

Posted by , 18th September 2008

nostalgiaderusia.jpgRussia attempts to come back to life by playing with the strength of its two geo-strategical instruments: oil and natural gas.


Al Qaeda is losing the ideological battle

Attacks on Muslims are proving to be disastrous for the global jihadist movement

Posted by , 11th September 2008

binladen.jpgAl Qaeda is losing the support of prominent members of the Islamic clergy and former jihadists due to the acts that it has been carrying recently which, in their wake, have left destruction, misery, and an appalling number of people dead (especially in the Islamic world). This has wound up affecting the coherence of the organization’s ideological discourse. Does this mean that Al Qaeda is going to disappear as a result of the criticism that it has received from its former members? In the short and medium term the answer is, of course: no.


Wars over the control of natural resources

Civilians constitute 90 percent of the casualties of these conflicts

Posted by , 4th September 2008

coltan.jpgFrom Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Cambodia, Afghanistan and Colombia, a large number of countries have been –and continue to be– afflicted with serious conflicts over the control of natural resources (oil, diamonds, hardwood, cocoa beans, cocaine and opium). Although some conflicts have come to an end, others are still ongoing and it is possible that many more will arise in the future if the matter is not addressed, from both within and outside of the borders of the war-afflicted countries, in an efficient manner.

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Pervez Musharraf’s Legacy

Nine Years of Failure

Posted by , 4th September 2008

musharrafseva.jpgNow that Pervez Musharraf has finally resigned as Pakistan’s president, the author analyzes his legacy, and attempts to pick apart the unstable coalition currently ruling Pakistan. Read on to discover why the Pakistani people gradually turned against a man they initially trusted, and why a poor civilian government is always better than a poor military one.


Hezbolah and the new status quo in Lebanon

Hasan Nasrala is flushed with victory

Posted by , 29th July 2008

nasralaswaptwo.jpgHezbolah is attempting to get its point across in Lebanon through violence and has decided to abandon its low-intensity strategy of taking hostages and waiting, which it had employed up until now. The delivery of the corpses of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev in exchange for Lebanese and Palestinian corpses and prisoners boosts Hezbolah’s image in the eyes of the Arab world, says the author. Read and find out why.


Why Iran is the Biggest Obstacle for Negotiations Between Israel and Syria

Old disputes over Golan Heights reappear in a complex and volatile regional context

Posted by , 26th June 2008

olmertassad.jpgThe big question is whether an agreement can actually be reached between Israel and Syria that does simply return Golan Heights to Damascus, but that brings peace in the true sense of the word. With Iran in the background, and with its alliance with Syria, peace is difficult to fathom, says the author.


Spain: Despite the Blow, ETA Is by No Means Finished

What will happen after the capture of the “political-military nest” of the terrorist group in France

Posted by , 26th June 2008

thierry.jpgAlthough the terrorist group ETA was beheaded in France and this political blow had psychological effects on the morale of the terrorists, this operation does not mean the end of the terrorist group, but rather the relay point for new leadership, said the author.


Where is Bolivia Going?

Negotiation is the only option in dealing with Santa Cruz de la Sierra’s claims to autonomy

Posted by , 26th June 2008

evomorirstacruz.jpgBolivia never ceases to amaze. More than once in its history, when it seemed that Bolivia was on the edge of disaster, it has done an unexpected about face away from violent conflict. Is this what is occurring today?