UNASUR’s first success

A display of “smart power” in Latin America

Posted by , 16th October 2008

Aside from giving Bolivia a breather, the recent emergency meeting of the twelve countries of UNASUR – for which Michelle Bachelet took the initiative – has, above all, amounted to a display of smart power, and is further proof of the solidity of the consensus for stability and development in Latin America.

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The rise of the borderline poor in Latin America

The lower-middle class is sinking

Posted by , 15th October 2008

ambulante.jpgWandering street vendors, self-employed workers, specialized workers, repairmen, small entrepreneurs, pensioners and even university professionals are faced with a paradoxical and hopeless reality in Latin America. They see that, no matter what they do, they remain mired in a life of poverty from which they cannot escape.


The largest minority counts in the United States

The Hispanic vote, a gold mine for Democrats and Republicans

Posted by , 11th September 2008

hipanoseeuu.jpgThe annual purchasing power of the Hispanic community in the United States exceeds 830 billion dollars, but only 21 out of the 535 congressmen in both houses of Congress are Latino. The economic crisis, education and the failed immigration reform are among the complaints that Hispanics have for the next president. Their vote counts, and the principal candidates cannot avoid this fact: Latinos could define the elections.


Chile takes advantage of economic globalization, and triumphs

A pragmatic left matures and banks on development

Posted by , 29th July 2008

michelle-bachelet2.jpgThe author says that there is a social democratic left in Latin America that has left behind schools of thought from the Sixties and ancient times in order to join the globalized world, without any messianic speeches. Michelle Bachelet’s Chilean government is exhibiting flexibility and pragmatism, and it has understood that foreign investment, political stability and economic liberalization are necessary for success.


The Challenges of Governance in Brazil

How to strengthen the democratic institutions in the country

Posted by , 22nd July 2008

lulagobernabilidad.jpgBelow you will learn what shortcomings Brazil currently faces with respect to governance. Furthermore, you will understand why its elite must immediately respond to the challenges that globalization is creating, which, in the case of Brazil, have to do with its capacity to lead the promotion of integration around Mercosur, says the author.


Bloggers and Journalists: A Rock in the Shoe of Raúl Castro

The need for freedom of the press in Cuba

Posted by , 22nd July 2008

yoani.jpgThe Cuban regime, despite the few restrictions that have been lifted by President Raul Castro, remains in violation of the rights of its citizens, says the author. However, bloggers and freelance journalists like Yoani Sanchez, 33, embody a new generation of observers without biases. One should know who they are and what they think of the state of things in Cuba.


China disembarks in Latin America

Why Pekin is a “desirable” partner for the region

Posted by , 22nd July 2008

chinaylulaexito.jpgThe diplomacy –especially in relation to economics– that China is implementing in Latin America will alter the region’s foreign economic relations at an accelerated pace, along with the geopolitical axes that had appeared immutable up until today. Meanwhile, the image of the United States and the European Union remains unchanged.


Success Can Also Be Latin American

Can Argentina learn from Brazil?

Posted by , 15th July 2008

lulaexitobrasil.jpgHow does one explain that, in a world of increasingly expensive food and commodities, two agro-exporting countries replete with natural resources like Brazil and Argentina have such different economic and business outcomes?


Puerto Rico, The 51st State in the Union?

Closer to Washington, by its own choice

Posted by , 10th July 2008

prusa.jpgWith 4 million Puerto Ricans on the island, and another 4 million in the United States, Puerto Rico is experiencing an unusual situation that many wish to change. Supporters of statehood and those affiliated with the Commonwealth are beginning to see a new tendency, which, while not exactly pushing for independence, leans toward Washington.